Reason to use RGCC Cancer Testing

What needs for the RGCC test: It needs a sample of 15 to 20 mL of blood.
No bioscopy.
No tissue removal.
No radiation (such as PET scan).

RGGC looks for tumor initiating cells, which cause distant metastasis. Metastasis is responsible for at least 90% of all cancer related deaths. If tumor initiating cells are found, then RGCC collects all the tumor initiating cells and exponentially grows many billions of your tumor initiating cells with exact genetic, epigenetic and phenotype of the origin.

RGCC will test on your tumor initiating cells against 50 chemo drugs, measure 80 related tumor genes for mutations, 60 different modifying drugs and 50 natural products to found out which of these work best against your tumor initiating cells. All of these tests result guide your health care provider to choose the most robust drugs and/or natural products to help induce apoptosis (death of cells) of tumor initiating cells.
OncoOmic plus and OncoTRACE are non-invasive liquid-based tests, which will give doctors a wealth of useful information to help them design a truly personalized program for you.